[Infographic] Grading the Saudi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with Barig Siraj

Which aspects of Saudi Arabia’s ecosystem are helping entrepreneurs succeed and which aspects are holding them back?

My most recent article, Grading the Saudi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, answers these questions from the point of view of a highly-experienced Saudi businessman and investment expert named Barig Siraj.

While that was an article adaptation of a great speech given by Siraj, this post presents an infographic adaptation. The full text of the infographic is available below the image for those who prefer text.

Grading The Saudi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Grading the Saudi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with Barig Siraj

Ideal entrepreneurial ecosystem: an environment that empowers individuals to become entrepreneurs and to thrive after launch.

Barig Siraj: an accomplished Saudi businessman with extensive experience in the public sector, private sector, and investment funding world. He often uses his investment knowledge to help other business people.




Education and Culture


Not enough commercializable ideas. Education must be aligned with the business world’s needs.

Regulatory Framework


Archaic business laws! Government must provide commercial law update.



Nice job, especially in terms of telecom infrastructure.



Youths unprepared for modern business opportunities. Must align education with business world.

Support Mechanisms


Good effort. Many public and private sector initiatives supporting entrepreneurs.



Many debt instruments. Few equity options. Need government initiatives to promote equity funding.



Looks great. Huge and growing consumer market.

Message from Barig Siraj

Saudi Arabia holds a lot of promise for entrepreneurs. We must help these entrepreneurs by celebrating their successes. It is also important to discuss their failures so that they can view setbacks as opportunities to learn. By sharing these stories and spreading the word about the importance of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, we can promote educational, legal, and institutional changes that will lead to a better business environment for us all.

This infographic was created by the team at OsamaNatto.com based on a speech given by Barig Siraj at KAUST’s Seed Fund Gala lunch and award ceremony on December 18, 2013. The opinions expressed in this infographic do not necessarily represent the opinions of Osama Natto or his team.

Want to keep learning about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and start-ups? Visit OsamaNatto.com for more business-focused infographics and articles.


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