Enlighten and Mentor Program: Enjoy Up to 1 Year of Free Mentorship from Osama Natto

What could you achieve after up to a year of free mentoring from a business architect and founder of several Saudi start-ups? Can you picture yourself posing proudly for a photo after signing the paperwork to finally register your own company?

If you are serious about entrepreneurship, I invite you to apply to become my mentee today.

Working through Destination Jeddah magazine’s Enlighten and Mentor program, which aims to create inspiring new businesses through mentorship, I am offering one young, business-minded person a chance to receive up to a year of free mentoring from me. I would especially like to work with someone interested in the tech industry, but everyone is welcome to apply.

You can also apply to be mentored by a different leader in the business world, such as:

To apply, you must e-mail mentors@destinationjeddah.com, state the name of the mentor you would like to learn from, and ask for an application form. If your application is selected, you will attend an introductory reception with the other people in the program. Then, you and your new mentor will schedule meetings to discuss how to proceed with your business idea. Once your mentor has prepared you, you will then work with INJAZ, who will help take you and your future business to the next level.

If you would like to learn more about the Enlighten and Mentor program or any of the entrepreneurs listed above, you can read Destination Jeddah magazine’s March 2013 edition online. The information is on pages 36 through 39.

Good luck, and I hope to mentor you soon.

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